Seeking Recordings of Bruce Williams Radio Show and TalkNet

HeadI am a fan of Bruce Williams and I have created this site in hopes of connecting with people who have recordings of the Bruce Williams Radio Show. I am very interested in obtaining show recordings from 2001 and earlier, as the format of the show moved away from advice radio after 9/11. The time period I'm looking for includes the NBC Talknet years as well as the later 90s and 2000-2001 when it was simply known as The Bruce Williams Show. 

I am also interested in recordings of other TalkNet hosts from the 80s and 90s, like Neil Myers, Sally Jesse Raphel and Myrna Lamb. 

If you have tapes/CDs/MP3 files of these shows, please email me at

If you are interested in obtaining some recordings for yourself, I have a little over 20 hours of commercial-free Bruce Williams Talknet shows from the early 90s that I recorded myself and I would be happy to exchange them for some of your recordings. Or if you simply have come across some old tapes and are looking for someone who might be interested in them, send me an email and we can work out a deal. 

I really consider this a golden period for advice radio. The TalkNet show was beamed to hundreds of stations across the country. This meant that the screeners could literally choose from hundreds of calls every hour and pick a handful that made for the most interesting radio. 

Bruce acted as a sort of oracle, using his extremely vast life experiences to give advice to his callers. The cross-section of American life heard on this show can truly never be duplicated. Especially in this Internet-age where we can simply type a few words into Google and get an answer to a question without ever sharing a personal situation with the millions of people who listen to Bruce Williams across the country. 

Thanks for visiting and feel free to drop me a line to say "hi"!

Update: Bruce is now back behind the microphone with the Bruce Williams Podcast on The American Entrepreneur


Check out my Youtube Channel for a complete collection of the clips I've uploaded.

Original Talknet Theme Song Music 1981-1991

Listener calls on the Way Home After Being the Victim of an Extortion of $35000+

One of the most interesting calls I've heard. Bruce talks the caller our of wanting to kill the extortioner and provides his trademark common-sense help the caller get through an incredibly stressful situation.

Bruce has a Car Accident on the way to the Station - 1992

Neil Myers clips and the Talknet Theme Song from the 1980s. Also a brief clip of Dr. Harvey Ruben.

Talknet Theme Song Music (1992)

Updated: 7/25/2012